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Potting Sheds - The Gardener Potting Shed

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Need Somewhere to pot the plants,sow the seeds & store a few garden tools,well this may be the building for you.The Gardener Potting Shed is different to other garden potting sheds, in so much as there is glass on the front wall and two end walls. This garden leisure building is an ideal accessory for the keen gardener. Also, it has shelving under the window (18" width) running the full length of the shed to enable you to bring on those seedlings and plants which need a touch of tender care.

Height at front (high side) 6'11¼" Building Sizes up to 10' x 6'
Height at front (high side) 7'6½" Building Sizes 10' x 7' and over
Height at rear (low side) 6'3¼" Building Sizes up to 10' x 6'
Height at rear (low side) 6'6½" Building Sizes 10' x 7' and over

30"on buildings up to 6' in depth & 36" on buildings 7' & over in depth

Measuring 18" x 18" 

1.3/4" x 1.1/8" Buiding sizes up to 10' x 6'
1.3/4" x 1.3/4" Building sizes 10' x 7' and over

4 ½" (11.5cm) all around

Supplied with 3mm horticultural glass